Mikael Hill Design

Art to make a difference.

Art makes a difference

We have two aims: Our first aim is to offer unique and satisfying products to our customers, products that our customers can relate to. If it's up to us, then we'd like to spread a message of wisdom, innovation and beauty. We believe that art can make a difference. Our second aim is about seeing ourselves as the future of eCommerce, we wan't to spend our profit on new development in all sorts of areas, mainly new technology. We put our earnings towards the people who support us, and then towards great ideas. If you have any ideas, as to what more we could offer or what new great ideas you think we should invest in,
then don't hesitate reaching out to us! 

- The Team

Only Certified Products

We only use domestic top notch quality material for all our products, with highest regard for the well-being of Mother Nature. All of our products are tested and quality assured by us.

Our Team

Emma   -  sales

Emma is our spearhead in sales, not only is she great at persuading customers but also great at talking us into having fun.

Mikael   -  founder & artist

Our beloved weird and crazy artist, friend and founder, he is the guy behind the drawing table 24/7.

Jonathan   -  marketing

Jonathan is our beloved head of marketing, he knows how to make things look lucrative, just look at that hair for instance.

Henrietta   -  marketing

Henrietta - our lovely super-marketer who knows most things about social media and how to make a team smile.